The Finished Quilt!

The old wonky revived quilt is all done! I really didn’t think I’d ever get it finished, and up until last weekend, I was threatening to throw it in the garbage.

Finished Quilt

It’s all done now though, so there’s no turning back!  It’s not perfect, as you know, but it’s a perfectly viable quilt.

Finished Quilt

It only took me a couple of hours for the quilting and the binding was super quick.

Finished Quilt

For the bias binding, I opted to sew the binding onto the back first, and then instead of slip stitching the binding to the front, I zigzag stitched it using my sewing machine. I’d definitely use this technique again, but I’d be more careful to pin the binding before zigzagging, so the zigzags look a little more accurate on the back.

Finished Quilt

Redd has already claimed the quilt as his own, so I guess I won’t be sticking it in the quilt closet quite yet.

New Pin Holder

I almost forgot to mention – when I was at Fabricland last weekend, picking up the backing/binding fabric for the quilt, I also picked up a magnetic pin holder. I’ve been intending to make myself a pin cushion for, hmmm…let’s see….going on 5 years now…so I’ve accepted that that’s not likely to happen in the near future, and this little magnet pin holder works like a hot damn!

Fabric: Reassigned

Before Christmas, I had grand plans to sew a couple of projects, namely for my parents, this didn’t end up happening though…between other Christmas stuff, job hunting and our move, time just slipped away from me.

Ripping Down A Failed Project

They took 2 hangers to hang up!

You see, I found some great fabric that had wrenches all over it, and in some circles, my dad’s nickname is ‘the wrench’ – for his handy capabilities (not for his mob duties. Haha! Doesn’t that sound like a great mobster nickname? Johnny the Wrench. Anyway…)

Ripping Down A Failed Project

So, my brilliant idea was to make him a pair of PJ’s out of this great wrench fabric for Christmas. I think I decided to cut a medium of the pattern (I can’t remember which one at this point – since it’s long been garbaged), and I ended up with the circus tent of pajamas. They were gigantic!

Soon To Be HSTs

This is the most accurate representation color-wise

I quickly scrapped the pyjama idea and moved on to something else, but I still had these gigiantic PJ’s in my fabric stash, so a few nights ago, I cut the seams off and I’m going to do a little half-square-triangle (HST) quilt using the wrench fabric and some other stash leftovers I have (some wonderfully cheerful Amy Butler fabric).

I also found that I had some little 2.5″ white Kona Cotton squares leftover from my ‘white and yellow’ quilt, but whomever cut them (wink, wink) didn’t manage to cut actual squares (I remember when I was cutting the fabric for this quilt, I had my small olfa mat balanced on my ironing board. That quilt was a lesson in how important accurate cutting is!), so I cut them down to 2.25″ squares.

This project is going to be one where the design progresses as the sewing happens. I certainly don’t have it all planned out at this point, but I think it’s going to be fun arranging all those HSTs.

Halloween Quilt: The One Where All The Blocks Are Done, DONE, D.O.N.E!!!!!

I finished sewing up the last set of 9 wonky 9-patch blocks yesterday afternoon, and I stumbled upon an idea I wish I had pursued at the start of making these blocks.

Here’s the last stack before being trimmed down to size –

Halloween Quilt 2011/2012

Instead of cutting my first strip, sewing that strip, pressing, restacking, and then cutting the 2nd strip (off the other side of the middle), I made both of the “thirds cuts” at the same time, restacked the blocks and did all the sewing for that direction, before pressing, rotating and making the next 2 cuts at the same time.

This was a huge time saver and I found it made much more uniform blocks, since they weren’t repeatedly being slashed over higher and higher seams. This is how I’d do it in the future for sure.

I met my hubby for a coffee yesterday at lunch and there is a Michael’s in the same complex, so I headed over there after our lunch date to pick up some pearle cotton, so I can try my hand at a little hand quilting once the halloween quilt is done being pieced and is sandwiched.

Halloween Quilt 2011/2012

As you can see by the amount I bought, I don’t plan on doing a ton of hand quilting. A little taste should suffice.

The last thing I took care of yesterday was the dreaded sewing chair! I dragged my current desk chair up the stairs to see if it would work, and the base that you sit on was too long for sewing, so we headed off to XS Cargo last night to see if they had anything that would work (I really love my current desk chair, and that was where I found it).

New Sewing Room Chair

I found a chair that is very similar to my current desk chair, except it fits me a lot better – the sitting area isn’t so long, the back isn’t as high, and all in all, it’s a smaller chair. At $25, it was affordable too! And I think it looks cute in the sewing room.