Chrissy is a 29 year old gal, living just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (2005).

Chrissy comes from a long line of knitters, and fiber enthusiasts on both sides of the family, but is the only one in her generation to have an interest in the fiber arts. Both of her grandmothers were avid knitters, and she remembers sitting at their knee, learning the craft that would eventually bring them closer together.

Chrissy is also an avid photographer, spurred on by the desire to capture her knitted works in a favourable light. She shoots with a Nikon D90, and can usually be found with a fast 50mm 1.8f lens on her camera.


The Manic Purl Podcast was started in May 2008. Host, Chrissy, had spent several years as a diehard knitting podcast fan, and she just couldn’t wait any longer to start her own show.

This show was born out of a longterm love affair with knitting, coupled with the desire to spread the word about the craft and the urge to give something back to the knitting community.

Chrissy’s vision for the podcast was clear. She wanted to create an upbeat, relevant show that stayed on topic and would appeal to most knitters, regardless of what they were interested in knitting.

Since the inception of the podcast, the basic vision has stayed the same, but occasional segments have been added to cover spinning and crochet. As The Manic Purl Podcast remains a knitting podcast, these occasional segments are featured occasionally, but have not been allowed to overshadow the knitting content.

Regular segments include – What’s On My Sticks?, What’s Off My Sticks?, News, Online Finds (which includes featured shops, new patterns, notable groups, etc), Featured Shops, Product/Book Reviews, and lots more!

The Manic Purl Podcasts strives to keep you informed of all the latest happenings in the knitting world.

Past shows can be found on iTunes or at Show notes are at


Snappy Stitches was started in early 2012 as a way to ease back into podcasting after a hiatus from knitting due to wrist issues. The shows were shorter, required less knitting and are easier to fit into the rest of Chrissy’s life. She hopes you enjoy watching them as much as she enjoys making them. Show notes are at


Chrissy started knitting at the tender age of 5 years old. She learned from her maternal grandmother, using some brightly colored acrylic yarn and vintage straight knitting needles with a green shaft and copper-colored end caps.

She knit off and on, mostly off, for several years after learning the knit stitch, and many garter stitch strips were knit.

She always wondered why her knitting didn’t look like the “knitting” she expected, which she later found out was Stockinette stitch. At the age of 17, she started poking around online, and to her surprise, there was something called a purl stitch she was missing. Oh, not to mention the ability to cast-on.

She made it her mission to learn to purl and cast-on, and within a fairly short time she was able to do both.

About a year later, Chrissy picked up some bright red acrylic yarn from Safeway and some straight Aero knitting needles from the dollar store, and set out to make a garter stitch blanket. She cast on a ridiculous number of stitches and started knitting. After about 8 inches, she started to think there must be something better out there!

Back to the internet and the phone book, she quickly discovered a couple of local yarn stores. She picked one at random, and headed out for a few mismatched balls of yarn. Funny enough, these few balls were never knit and ended up in a bag to charity. Even so, she persevered and knew she was hooked on knitting. This was 8 years ago…

Chrissy has filled the last 8 years with every knitting challenge she could get her hands on, whether it be complex lace, colorwork, cables, or a multitude of other knitting challenges. In the quest to become a better knitter, she has embraced fixing her mistakes, and not letting the unknown scare her.


Surprisingly to some, Chrissy didn’t take to spinning right away. In fact, she vividly remembers lamenting the fact that more and more knit bloggers were turning to spinning, and talking more about that than the knitting. A few years ago, Chrissy figured she’d try to figure out what all the fuss was about, and bought a drop spindle and some fiber from a local shop. She drafted and spun hundreds of yards of singles, but still didn’t think it was very much fun, so she put the spindle aside.

A few years later, Chrissy got it in her head that she might like to spin on a wheel, even though she found drop spindling torturous. She went to a local fiber gathering, and tried out a wheel, an Ashford Traveller. Even though she was pretty sure she’d buy the Traveller, she ended up purchasing an Ashford Joy the next day after spinning on it for about 10 minutes.

Chrissy spun on the Ashford Joy for about a year, before longing for more ratios and a smoother spinning experience. The Lendrum Double Treadle called her name, and she soon purchased one. It wasn’t long before she realized that she wouldn’t be using the Ashford Joy anymore. She had found her perfect wheel.


Chrissy lives among an abundance of yarn and fiber with her very patient and enabling husband, Stu, and their two cats – The Cat, a gray tabby, and little Redd, an orange tabby. The cats occasionally grace us with their presence during the recording of the show.


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