Videocast: Snappy Stitches – Episode 58

Episode 58 is up! It can be found here, along with the show notes. If you subscribe to this blog via email or have it saved in a feed reader, please click the link to visit the show notes site.

he videocast is now available on iTunes as well as YouTube. In order to facilitate the iTunes access, I have had to switch from using a WordPress blog to using a Blogger blog. If you come to this site typing in, you will automatically be redirected. If not, or if you are subscribed by email, you will need to re-subscribe either by iTunes, YouTube, another feed reader (Feedly, etc) or using the subscribe option (‘subscribe to show notes’) when you visit

I’m really sorry for this inconvenience, but it shouldn’t happen again.

Just a heads up, I’ll only be posting to this feed for a few more episodes, before I fully transfer over to the other site. Please visit to re-subscribe.