FO: Present Cowl

I’ve gotten into the habit of stuffing my finished handspun in one of my kitchen cupboards (something I swore I wouldn’t do at the new house), and I thought that instead of finding a new place for it, I’d actually knit with it!

This finished object started life as this fiber –

...and then there's this :D

And I spun it into this navajo plied yarn –

Finished n-plyed yarn. #handspunFTW #tdf

I decided that since I didn’t have very much (only 78 grams and 250 yards), I’d make a cowl. I toyed with the idea of making a small shawl, but the softness of this yarn combined with the limited quantity solidified the idea that I wanted this yarn in contact with my neck as much as possible.

In progress –

Handspun cowl

And here is is all finished –
Finished handspun cowl! Pattern is 'Present Cowl'.

I was so excited to be finished that I snapped the picture before I sewed in the ends, but I swear, they’re all sewn in now.

I’m ready for fall!

Here’s my Ravelry project page. I made a few alterations to the original pattern:

1) I cast on 114 or so stitches.
2) I knit a few extra repeats to make it a bit taller.
3) I knit it so it would be the same on both ends, which just involves knitting a lone purl row, followed by 5 knit rounds before starting the garter stitch at the end. Easy peasy!

So there you go, you can’t say I never knit anything!


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    • That is a good tip! LOL! We’re probably 2 months away from cowl weather. I couldn’t imaging ever living any place but here!! 😀

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