Exploration South of the Fraser…

As you guys know, we moved just south east of Vancouver (where we both grew up and lived for our entire lives) at the end of January. I’m not going to lie, it’s been difficult to adjust. I hate huge personal change. I guess I just don’t adapt well. It took 5 or 6 years at our old apartment before it actually started to feel like home (we lived there a little over 8 years in total).

We’ve been working away on our new place since we moved in, in an effort to make it feel more like ‘home’, but ‘home’ cannot be achieved by simply painting the walls, changing out fixtures, and filling it with your stuff. ‘Home’ is not a physical thing at all. It is something you either feel or you don’t. ‘Home’ is all in your head. That’s how it is for me anyway.

In the hopes of making our house (and new city) feel like home, I’ve decided to make an effort to get out and explore more. Not driving all the way to Vancouver to our old haunts, simply because they are familiar. I guess I’m trying to create a new ‘familiar’.

As such, our activities have involved anything that doesn’t involve going to Vancouver. We both enjoy walking and hiking, so we’ve been checking out what ‘south of the Fraser’ (river, that is) has to offer.

We’ve explored the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail from a few different entry points, and even found ‘wild’ plums!

Stu and I found wild plums!

We also found pears and blackberries, but neither were picking (the pears were super woody and the blackberries were being protected by giant spiders and crawling with little mites).

We headed out to the Campbell Valley Regional Park in Langley a couple of times in the last week –

Campbell Valley Regional Park

It’s really flat for a hike, but it’s nice for an after dinner walk in the heat we’ve been having.

Going out that way at the end of the day has also given us views of gorgeous sunsets –

Gorgeous sunset tonight!

It’s nice that we’re actually able to go out without a map for the most part now!

Our place started to feel more like home after our 15 person tea party a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to have people actually see our place!

Funny enough, I think the thing that has had the biggest impact on our place/neighbourhood starting to feel like home was joining the local gym. Who knew that would be a ‘home signal’? Perhaps it’s the first real roots I’ve put down here.

It only took a few days of going to the new gym to decide that it was time to unpack my fridge magnets box (which had been sitting intentionally unopened in the basement since we moved. It just didn’t feel right to unpack them before. I know, weird, right?

Anyway, they’re up!

Added some of our pic and travel related fridge magnets to the fridge today (only took me 7 months!!)

I guess I just wanted to pop in here to remind my future self that adjustment is hard, but it can be accelerated and will always happen eventually.

I know this post is kind of here-nor-there, but I think that it reflects my head-space pretty well right now. Still adjusting, but actively trying to do it.

Which reminds me, we went on another exploration into the Fraser Valley last weekend, and I have pictures to show! I will upload them shortly. It involved getting a little lost, tunnels, cheese and pepperoni from a farm, a quilt shop, and some knitting.


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  1. I can understand this. I’ve been in Houston for a year and a half now, and it’s where I live, but it’s not my home. I’m sure this is partly because I always knew living here would temporary, but it’s also because I love and miss the Northwest. I’m not sure I’ll ever grow out of associating it with home.

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