Videocast: Snappy Stitches – Episode 4

Here’s Episode 4 –

Snappy Stitches is also on iTunes, just search ‘snappy stitches’. We’re using the Manic Purl Ravelry Group to host Snappy Stitches discussion, etc.

I talked about –

My Mondo Cable Cardi
My Daybreak Shawl
My Monkey Socks

A big thank you to Knittinwolf for mentioning this show on her videocast, Wolfe Farms.


2 thoughts on “Videocast: Snappy Stitches – Episode 4

  1. I need help purchasing a mechanical sewing machine. Can we talk?

    I put in an invisible zipper of the wrong color as well. For a little over a dollar you can go to a shop that carries model car paint and paint the zipper tab. Or, there’s a place on line called Zipper Pulls that let’s you switch out the whole thing for a charm like dodad.

  2. Great show. I came over from Susan B. Anderson’s link. Love your Daybreak (mine is blue and grey). Looking forward to more snappiness.

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