Before and After – Take 2

I took some proper before and after pictures of my kitchen and living room this morning. I tried to match the angle that the original photographs were taken from.

So here we go again…

Kitchen before –


Kitchen after –

Kitchen After

Please forgive my mountain of knitting and sewing stuff that’s taken over the kitchen island. Yes, I do have a craft room now, but I’m having some knee problems, so I’ve been trying to avoid the stairs as much as possible, leaving the kitchen area as my home base.

Living room before –


Living room after –

Livingroom After

Ahhh…much better…


More ‘Before and After’ Pics…

We decided to finally get our main floor dolled up with some new paint, so I thought I’d share a few more before and after pictures. I need to put my wide angle lens on my camera, so these pics aren’t great, but they’ll give you an idea of the transformation…

Here’s the kitchen ‘before’ –


We removed the chair rail, painted the trim and painted the whole room in Para Paints Eggshell Sarah Richardson Collection in the ‘Retreat’ color. Here it is ‘after’ –


Here’s one beside the window –


I really wish it was in the budget to replace those dingy old venetian blinds, but alas, that’s not something we’ll be changing in the near future (or likely ever really).

Last week, my dad was over and working hard to get rid of all of our wall sconces and replace them with ceiling pot lights (aka recessed lighting). We still have to do the front entrance, but the one in the living room and the ones up the stairs are gone.

Here’s a before –


And here’s the ‘after’ –

View From Livingroom Up the Stairs

Here’s a bit more of a peek at what the living room color looks like –

Livingroom Paint Color - Para Sarah Richardson Pebble

It’s Para Paints Eggshell from the Sarah Richardson Collection in Pebble. We’ve also painted our front entranceway this color, and I think our office is destined to become this color as well (it’s the last room to paint!!).

I’ll do another ‘before and after’ of these areas (as well as the front entranceway) as soon as I get some better pictures.

This Is What Procrastination Looks Like…

I’m making a baby quilt for a friend who is due this month, but it currently looks like this –

Baby Quilt for a Friend

Yep, that’s it. I’ve managed to put one strip together, and I still have a huge stack of hourglass blocks waiting in the wings.

I took a break from the quilt last week in favour of painting the livingroom (looks waaaay better btw), and surprisingly, my will to knit is back.

Last Sunday, I cast on a Monkey sock –

Monkey Sock

I’m using 2 skeins of Claudia Handpainted in Buckeye on 2.0mm needles. I started out on 2.5mm needles, but it was coming out pretty big and I was getting some unflattering pooling, so I went down a needle and it looks good. I even updated my Ravelry project page for it – here.

When I received my tax return this year (not very big, but seems big to me since I’ve been on a pretty strict budget) I set it aside for some guilt-free fun money). Actually, I tried to put it towards my student loan payments, but hubby insisted that I have some fun with it (he’s great!).

Anyhoo, on Monday, I drove into Vancouver and went to Three Bags Full on Main Street. I think I spent over an hour in there, and I had really great customer service. I didn’t really have a project in mind when I arrived, although I was hoping to find the Coastal Knits book (sold out though unfortunately), and another skein of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Candy Floss Mix.

Tinder Cardi - Finally picked up one more skein for button band/collar

I needed the skein of Ultra Alpaca, because after trying to do a crocheted edge on my Tinder Cardi, I realized that just wasn’t giving me the look I wanted, and if I really wanted to have the sweater work, I’d have to bite the bullet and buy another skein. Since I bought the first batch of this yarn over a year ago, I knew the dyelot wouldn’t match, but I got lucky and the skein I bought actually was from the same dyelot! Woohoo!!

Over the last while, I’ve started to pay more attention to shop samples in yarn shops (actually, if you remember back to my old blog, that’s how my Multnomah shawl obsession got started), and while at Three Bags Full I spied a lovely looking sweater draped over their couch. The second I picked it up, I knew I had to knit it. It wasn’t just the sweater pattern, but the combination of the pattern and the yarn that made it irresistible. The sweater pattern is the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig and the yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran in Sand.

Tanis Fiber Arts Aran in Dove

I was allowed to try on the shop sample, and I knew at that point that there was no way that this wouldn’t be my next project.

Although I haven’t actually cast on for this project yet, I’ve started a project page for it on Rav, and I’m chomping at the bit to get swatching. Project page – here.

Tanis Fiber Arts Aran in Dove

The yarn color I chose for this sweater is the same yarn base the shop sample was knit from, but I choose the Dove colorway instead of Sand.

I’m just about done the Tinder Cardi (for reals this time), and then I’ll be casting on for the Effortless Cardigan.