The Finished Quilt!

The old wonky revived quilt is all done! I really didn’t think I’d ever get it finished, and up until last weekend, I was threatening to throw it in the garbage.

Finished Quilt

It’s all done now though, so there’s no turning back!  It’s not perfect, as you know, but it’s a perfectly viable quilt.

Finished Quilt

It only took me a couple of hours for the quilting and the binding was super quick.

Finished Quilt

For the bias binding, I opted to sew the binding onto the back first, and then instead of slip stitching the binding to the front, I zigzag stitched it using my sewing machine. I’d definitely use this technique again, but I’d be more careful to pin the binding before zigzagging, so the zigzags look a little more accurate on the back.

Finished Quilt

Redd has already claimed the quilt as his own, so I guess I won’t be sticking it in the quilt closet quite yet.

New Pin Holder

I almost forgot to mention – when I was at Fabricland last weekend, picking up the backing/binding fabric for the quilt, I also picked up a magnetic pin holder. I’ve been intending to make myself a pin cushion for, hmmm…let’s see….going on 5 years now…so I’ve accepted that that’s not likely to happen in the near future, and this little magnet pin holder works like a hot damn!


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  1. I adore this quilt! I love the colors. Seeing all your sewing/quilting FOs really makes me want to get back to my sewing machine. 😀

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