Tinder Cardi: Almost Done

I finished seaming the Tinder Cardi last week, but it’s been sitting untouched since then –

Tinder Cardi - Almost Done

I definitely don’t have enough yarn left to give it a nice collar or button band, so I’ve been mulling over what to do next.

My options are to:

a) buy another skein of this yarn.
b) try to eek out a short collar and install a zipper down the front.
c) use applied icord to finish the front and collar areas of the cardigan, and then install a zipper down the front.

Tinder Cardi - Almost Done

The problems that arise from these options are as follows:

a) dye lots will certainly not match, because I originally bought this yarn about a year and a half ago.
b) the front edges will look fairly ‘unfinished’ and not very pretty.
c) I might not have enough do get icord all the way around.

Tinder Cardi - Almost Done

I think the direction I’d like to go is to try to do the applied icord finish around the edges and cross my fingers I have enough yarn. If this doesn’t work, I’m really no further behind and all the other options still stay the same.