Butterick B5752: We Have A Bodice!

Despite just not feeling in the mood to sew this dress yesterday, I actually accomplished a fair amount. Here’s the bodice –

Butterick B5752 Bodice In Progress

The back is still open and ready for a zipper, but other than that, this is what the bodice of the dress is going to look like. I thought I was going to hate it for some reason, but I really do like it quite a lot. It fits really nicely, which means all those hours of adjusting the pattern to be ‘just so’ were worth it.

There are about a million pattern pieces for this bodice, and a lot of the shape comes from the combination of those million pieces, and their curved edges, which makes it a bit more challenging to sew. Lots of pins were involved, and I used a technique I learned from Susan Khalje’s Couture Dress Craftsy class – I pinned the pieces and then clipped the curved seams before sewing. It works beautifully!

Next up, I’ll be assembling the skirt…and it’s many pieces…