Next Up…Colette Oolong

I want to make myself a dress for my birthday at the end of April (it’s going to be the last one that starts with a 2!), and I thought I’d start early so I don’t just add a lot of stress and pressure to things.

colette patterns oolong

Apparently I’m on a bias cut kick lately, because I’ve chosen the Colette Patterns Oolong, which is a dress that’s bias cut and has no closures. It also has some pretty ruching and princess style puff sleeves. It’s also lined, which means I can use a sheerer fabric than I might otherwise.

Speaking of fabric, I think I’m going to use the same fabric I used for the Colette Jasmine blouse (the itty bitty black and white polka dot). I noticed some slightly larger (but still pretty small) polka dot cotton at the fabric store too, which is also a contender. Since I’m pretty set on that fabric weight, I’m going to muslin it up (that’s a term now :P) and get the fit right before I go out and buy fabric (I’m trying to wait out my tax return to fund this project).

Yesterday, I traced out the back, front and sleeve pieces. for the sleeve I traced a 4 at the sleeve cap, right down to the top of the underarm, but instead of tapering in along the size 4 line, I tapered out to the size 12 line (but only to the length of the size 4 – if that makes any sense – I didn’t make it longer, only wider). I ‘tried on’ the parchment paper pattern tracing and it seems to fit okay, so I’m going to go with that.

I traced a 4 for the whole front and back, but I was having dreams last night that I should have graded up to a 6 from the bust downwards, so I’m going to call that a gut feeling and re-trace, before I cut the pattern out of my muslin fabric.