Tinder Cardi – After The First Ball Of Yarn…

The Tinder cardi is knit is pieces – 1 back, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves.  I finished the ribbing on the back piece a few days ago, and switched to the waffle pattern the night before last.

Tinder Progress

Yesterday morning I had reached the point of my first decrease row, but the following row “work in established pattern” was giving me troubles, since there’s no real way to keep the pattern at the very sides of the piece looking exactly the same.

After knitting and ripping the same row 2 times at home, and 3 times over coffee with a friend yesterday morning, oh and one more time for good measure when I got home from that, I decided to just wing it a little bit, and accept the fact that it wouldn’t fit my version of perfect on the very sides.

Tinder Progress

I used to get way more knitting done when I was less of a perfectionist.

We had our annual general meeting last night for our strata, and I brought my knitting. I was hoping to suss out a fellow knitter in our complex, but had no such luck. I did, however, get a ton of progress made on my sweater back. I love it when an evening’s worth of knitting can be measured in inches and not rows.

Tinder Progress

I think the waffle stitch is going to look great once it’s blocked. It’s a little hard to photograph since it’s a little squished up pre-blocking. Usually by this point in the sweater, the back seems to take forever, but I’m really enjoying knitting this one, and it’s going really quickly.