The Dummy

First I want to tell you about my ‘dress form’. I refuse to call it anything other than ‘the dummy’ because it is a hot mess. It’s basically a heavy cardboard covered in a thin, loosely knit fabric, and it adjusts by loosening wing nuts and sliding metal bars. Doesn’t sound all that bad, does it?

The problems come from a few places – the back shoulders are not shaped like any shoulder I’ve ever seen – except maybe – maybe – the hunchback of notre dame. Maybe.


One of the other problems is using metal fasteners on cardboard. Something has got to give at some point, and the metal pieces look like they’ve slowly been abandoning ship since the ’70’s. This makes the form way less adjustable, and when the metal pieces are gone it doesn’t hold the right shape anymore, so there are pieces of this cardboard jutting out everywhere.

Anyway, I tried to help the dummy’s issues by giving it some padding, but alas, that didn’t help a lick, and there’s nothing that can be done about those shoulders, and the pieces that jut out are still doing so.

The most frustrating thing about it is that I since I can’t use it for fitting (at all), I thought I’d just use it for photographing progress, but it’s so oddly shaped that it pulls the garments in strange ways and makes them look pretty bad (unless I take the time do do a bunch of creative pinning and smoothing out (which is what I’ve been doing so far).

So there you go. Sometimes things you find on craigslist for $40 aren’t a great deal after all.


One thought on “The Dummy

  1. Could you do a duct tape dress form and pop it over this one? Or just use the structural bits and ditch the body bit if it’s too big for your form to fit.

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