Progress: Jasmine and Tinder

I have been busy! Yesterday I bit the bullet and cut into my fashion fabric for the Colette Patterns Jasmine Blouse (Version 1). I started by clearing everything off my sewing table and pulling it out from the wall –

Colette Patterns Jasmine Progress

It’s so nice to be able to cut from each side of the table. I used my little rotary cutter (fast becoming my favorite cutting tool for garments) and cutting mat. I had to do some creative fabric placement for some of it though, to keep it on the mat.

I used some great itty-bitty black and white polka-dot fabric in 100% cotton. It’s super lightweight – I think maybe a voile, or perhaps just a tad heavier. You can see through it if you hold it in the air, but not if I’m wearing it.

After my last dress project, I learned to inspect my fabric closely, and I found this –

Had to cut around this little beauty.

So I made sure to place my pattern pieces around it so it didn’t end up on the finished garment.

I was originally planning to mark my pieces with white tailors chalk, but I opted for this brick red instead –

Colette Patterns Jasmine Progress

It showed a lot better. Both of these chalks are from a gigantic box of accessories I got when I bought someone’s grandmother’s old sewing machine. That machine was oiled and fixed up, and then went to live at a 7 year old girl’s house, who was just getting in to sewing. Fun, huh? The next generation of vintage machine users!

I realized when I was cutting the pattern that I did not in fact have the interfacing I thought I did, so I did as much assembly as I could without interfacing, but a trip to the fabric store is in order at some point so I can keep going.

I was able to assemble the bodice, since there’s no interfacing there –

Colette Patterns Jasmine Progress

I opted for french seams throughout (I’ll likely use seam binding on the armholes though, because they’re too curvy for french seams). I tried it on and it fits perfectly! Woohoo!

Colette Patterns Jasmine Progress

The bust darts sit in exactly the right place. And the neckline actually lays the way it’s supposed to.

I was a little bummed to have to stop sewing when I did because if the lack of interfacing, because I’m so happy with the way the project is progressing. I know I could have used some of the fabric from the blouse to make interfacing, but I really want to use a plain black because of the slight opacity of the fabric.

Colette Patterns Jasmine Progress

I was still feeling in the creative spirit, so I picked up the back band of my Tinder sweater and knit on that for a bit while I watched another lesson (or 3) of Kenneth D. King’s Jean-ius: Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit Craftsy class. I wanted to watch all of it before starting on my own pair of jeans.

Tinder Sweater Back Band

It looks like the Jasmine blouse and the Tinder sweater are going to go really nicely together too! Until I can get that interfacing, I’ll be knitting on Tinder.


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  1. Looking nice!!! It must be so enjoyable to be working in your new craft/sewing room. I am reviving my room project and have some grand ideas such as installing counter tops along the walls for work surfaces etc.

    • Thanks Uli! It sounds like your craft room is going to be pretty neat once it’s all done!

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