So, No One Fall Over In Shock…But I Knit Something!

It’s just  a swatch at this point – but it looks like I got gauge, so I’m clear for take off whenever I want to start on this sweater!


The swatch is for the Tinder Cardigan, designed by Jared Flood.

The suggested needle size to achieve gauge is 5.0mm, but I ended up going down to 3.75mm for this yarn and my apparently relaxed knitting. I guess that’s a good sign.

The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I was originally using for the Amy Christoffers White Pine Cardigan. I knit about 8″ on the body of this one, and it just never really did it for me, so I figured I’d frog it and make something I was more in love with. I’ve been looking for a new sweater to knit with this yarn since frogging it before the new year started.

I’m going to cast on Tinder in the 36.75″ size, so I can comfortably wear a t-shirt under it, not just a tank top. Should be getting started on it tonight.