So It Turns Out I Forgot How To Choose a Pattern Size…

For the Colette Patterns Jasmine Blouse (Version 2), I choose a size 10 – based on my actual bust measurement (which was actually wrong according to the measurement I took yesterday – I am less busty than previously indicated. LOL!).

Anyhoo, I remembered hearing somewhere that with the Colette Patterns you should choose a pattern size based on your actual measurements because there is less ease build into the patterns. This wasn’t the case for me.

Colette Patterns Jasmine Muslin

I made my muslin and it was HUGE! The back gaped and the rest felt like a circus tent. It was beyond what I wanted to get into alterations-wise, so I pinned it out on me, and measured how much it should be taken in, and compared that to the finished measurements on the package…yeah, should have used my upper bust measurement, because I lined up exactly with the finished measurements for a size 4.

At this point, I had mangled my muslin to levels unimaginable (cheap polyester is not very forgiving), and I didn’t really want to start over completely, so I made a real quick-and-dirty muslin.

I re-traced the front, back and sleeve pieces on parchment paper, and then went hunting in my scrap pile for a suitable new muslin fabric. All I found was one piece big enough for the front and one for the back, so I have a franken-muslin. It’s not cut on the right grain either, but I figured if I could get it on, then the bias cut on the final version would be enough to give me the extra room I’d want. Not exactly accurate, but I didn’t want to dedicate more fabric to find that it was still too huge or too small allover and that I needed to re-cut it again.

Colette Patterns Jasmine Muslin

Next up, I’m going to get some inexpensive fabric to make myself a wearable muslin and continue tweaking until I get it right enough to use some beautiful silk jacquard in my stash.

PS. The ugly muslin is courtesy of the skirt of my Passport dress I made last spring (front) and the skirt that should have been a tablecloth made last summer (back).


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