I Thought I Had It On The First Try…

Taking what I had learned from my Colette Jasmine Blouse I just finished, I thought I had actually managed to get the fit right away on the Colette Oolong dress, but unfortunately I was wrong…

I cut the shoulder at a size 4, and graded out to a size 6 from the bust downwards. I had a good fit when I put the front and back together. It seemed to be a perfect fit actually, but after I attached the sleeve, it pulled in the above bust area in the front and pulled a little just above the armhole in the back.

Oolong Bodice Pieces

I’ve been humming and hawing about how to remedy this fit problem since Friday, and I think my solution is to re-cut the shoulder at a size 6, and likely grade out to a size 8 at the bust.

Colette Patterns Oolong Muslin...

Because the bodice only goes to the point below the bust, I think I’m also going to need to muslin the skirt portion of this pattern, because I’m not sure whether I want to stick with a size 6 in the hips or go to a size 8. I don’t want to be swimming in it, but there’s nothing worse than a garment being too tight.

Colette Patterns Oolong Muslin...

I think that where I am now, my next steps will be to re-trace the pattern pieces in the bigger size, and re-muslin it. I also need to cut the sleeve a little bigger. I cut it at a 4 in the cap and graded it out to a size 12 at the bottom (which basically just removed the part where the sleeve tapers in), but it’s still too snug at the bottom, so while I think I can get away with a size 4 in the sleeve cap, I’d be more comfortable with it cut to a size 6, and I want to grade the bottom of the sleeve out to a 14 or 16 (I have to figure out which one will give me about half an inch-ish (maybe a slight bit more) from the size 12 altogether).

I’m also thinking about shortening the sleeve slightly to give it a more modern feel. Ohhhhh, I just had a thought…Maybe I’ll use the sleeve from the Jasmine blouse! How cute would that be?!? Might be a little long though for what I’m going for.

Colette Patterns Oolong Muslin...

While I had my Oolong bodice on, I decided to mark it up with chalk a little bit to illustrate the areas where it was too tight. It was nice to be able to take it off and objectively see the areas that weren’t working for me.

I think that the next pattern I make is going to be one that isn’t meant to be cut on the bias, so it’s a bit easier to make fit alterations.


Next Up…Colette Oolong

I want to make myself a dress for my birthday at the end of April (it’s going to be the last one that starts with a 2!), and I thought I’d start early so I don’t just add a lot of stress and pressure to things.

colette patterns oolong

Apparently I’m on a bias cut kick lately, because I’ve chosen the Colette Patterns Oolong, which is a dress that’s bias cut and has no closures. It also has some pretty ruching and princess style puff sleeves. It’s also lined, which means I can use a sheerer fabric than I might otherwise.

Speaking of fabric, I think I’m going to use the same fabric I used for the Colette Jasmine blouse (the itty bitty black and white polka dot). I noticed some slightly larger (but still pretty small) polka dot cotton at the fabric store too, which is also a contender. Since I’m pretty set on that fabric weight, I’m going to muslin it up (that’s a term now :P) and get the fit right before I go out and buy fabric (I’m trying to wait out my tax return to fund this project).

Yesterday, I traced out the back, front and sleeve pieces. for the sleeve I traced a 4 at the sleeve cap, right down to the top of the underarm, but instead of tapering in along the size 4 line, I tapered out to the size 12 line (but only to the length of the size 4 – if that makes any sense – I didn’t make it longer, only wider). I ‘tried on’ the parchment paper pattern tracing and it seems to fit okay, so I’m going to go with that.

I traced a 4 for the whole front and back, but I was having dreams last night that I should have graded up to a 6 from the bust downwards, so I’m going to call that a gut feeling and re-trace, before I cut the pattern out of my muslin fabric.

Tinder Cardi – After The First Ball Of Yarn…

The Tinder cardi is knit is pieces – 1 back, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves.  I finished the ribbing on the back piece a few days ago, and switched to the waffle pattern the night before last.

Tinder Progress

Yesterday morning I had reached the point of my first decrease row, but the following row “work in established pattern” was giving me troubles, since there’s no real way to keep the pattern at the very sides of the piece looking exactly the same.

After knitting and ripping the same row 2 times at home, and 3 times over coffee with a friend yesterday morning, oh and one more time for good measure when I got home from that, I decided to just wing it a little bit, and accept the fact that it wouldn’t fit my version of perfect on the very sides.

Tinder Progress

I used to get way more knitting done when I was less of a perfectionist.

We had our annual general meeting last night for our strata, and I brought my knitting. I was hoping to suss out a fellow knitter in our complex, but had no such luck. I did, however, get a ton of progress made on my sweater back. I love it when an evening’s worth of knitting can be measured in inches and not rows.

Tinder Progress

I think the waffle stitch is going to look great once it’s blocked. It’s a little hard to photograph since it’s a little squished up pre-blocking. Usually by this point in the sweater, the back seems to take forever, but I’m really enjoying knitting this one, and it’s going really quickly.