WIP: Colette Jasmine Blouse – Version 2

Last summer I got in the habit of re-tracing my pattern pieces onto a piece of wax paper. I found that this gummed up my Sharpie, and involved a lot of taping, since it was pretty narrow.

At some point, I switched to parchment paper and I haven’t looked back! Last night I traced out the Version 2 of the Jasmine Blouse in the Size 10 –

Colette Jasmin Blouse - Version B Progress

It was so nice to be able to do all the tracing at a table, instead of on the floor or balanced on the ironing board or coffee table, like I used to have to do.

Colette Jasmin Blouse - Version B Progress

I finished the tracing up and dove head first into cutting. I grabbed some 100% polyester fabric that I found for about $2 at a thrift store near my cat’s vet when he was sick last year. I really love the print.

There’s only one problem with this fabric – I didn’t have quite enough for this project, and when Colette Patterns says you need a certain amount of fabric, they aren’t overestimating!

So, I had to make a, er, compromise –

Colette Jasmin Blouse - Version B Progress

Since this blouse is cut on the bias, matching the proper grain-lines is super important, but I only had enough fabric to cut the last back piece on the correct grain if I flipped the piece and cut the fabric so the wrong side would be showing. This is when my muslin really became a muslin!

As much as I love the print, 100% polyester won’t see that much use from me (I’m a sweaty girl!), so I don’t think this blouse would have become much more than a muslin anyway.

I opted to have 1/4 of my blouse with the wrong side showing to preserve the proper bias cut. And guess what – if that’s the only issue with it, I’ll make another one, but you can be sure I’ll wear this one too! I’ll just have to make sure I wear it with a cardigan over top.

I am super excited to start sewing this blouse up!


2 thoughts on “WIP: Colette Jasmine Blouse – Version 2

  1. Parchment is a brilliant idea. I keep buying packs of Burda tracing paper whenever Fabricana has a 50% off notions sale, but to be honest all the folding, unfolding and ironing of those giant sheets makes me crazy. It’s so rare to have a pattern piece that’s wider than a roll of parchment anyway! You’re a genius.

    • Thanks! I tried the Burda tracing paper and I found it a bit unruly – I also ended up with a ripped taped mess at one point and there were tears…One thing I really like about the parchment (other than that you can really easily see the pattern markings) is that it’s really easy to tape if you’re making alterations to the pattern.

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