Halloween Quilt Layout and Final Block Size…

I finished squaring up my quilt blocks for the wonky 9-patch quilt yesterday, and decided to see if I needed to sew up the other two sets of fabric to make the quilt the right size (that would add an additional 18 squares – 9 squares per set).

Halloween Quilt Test Layout

It looks like I’ll need to whip up one more set to complete the rest of the row below (2 blocks) and since I’ll have 7 leftover from that anyway, I’ll add on an additional row of blocks at the bottom.

Halloween Quilt Test Layout

After I did my test layout, I found my smallest square and proceeded to cut all the squares to that square’s measurements, which leaves me with all my blocks being 7 3/4″ square. I used my big square ruler and laid it over the block to further square it up and cut it down to size.

As the more experienced quilters would have told me, I’m sure, is that it’s really easy to pull your block out of square by squaring it up the way that I did (diagonal to diagonal, and then flip). Oh well, it got me close enough that I could make minor adjustments when I was cutting them down to size.

I would have used the technique of laying the square ruler over and cutting in order to square them up in the first place, but some of them were so far off, I didn’t really know how much would need to be cut and I didn’t want to cut more than I absolutely had to. I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just lopping all the unevenness from one side.

I guess I should finish cutting and sewing that last set of blocks, and then I’ll be doing a little math to figure out how much fabric I need for the plain strips of fabric between blocks.

I’m still undecided over whether I want to use Kona Cotton in black or grey…