Halloween 2012? The Wonky 9-Patch Quilt Is Behind Schedule

I always say that the great thing about crafting for the holidays is that if you don’t get it done in time, the holiday will be back again next year and the year after, so there’re no worries about getting the project done. This is good, because I don’t think my Halloween quilt will be done in time for Halloween 2011.

Picnik'd Halloween Quilt Progress

I have 8 stacks of 9 squares each, which need to be sliced and diced into Wonky 9-Patch Blocks, and I haven’t even managed to get the first set of squares fully cut and sewn. I’ve now made 3 of the 4 cuts out of the first set.

So, while I may not be as far ahead as I would like, I’m really loving the fabric I choose, so I’m having fun sewing the blocks up.

The one thing that’s a little annoying is laying out and rotary cutting over seams, since after every seam you have to re-stack the blocks and whack ’em again. It’s just a little bit difficult to keep the fabric from sliding around. My rotary cutter is also less than happy with having to slice over so many layers of seams.

Picnik'd Halloween Quilt Progress

I have a 45mm rotary cutter though, and I think the biggest I can get is 60mm, so that might be in my future at some point. I fully understand the logic behind re-stacking the blocks, because it does make it extremely easy to keep track of the order the fabric needs to be in.

The really funny thing about all of this is that I had originally planned to make myself a little Halloween table quilt, and that’s definitely not going to get done in time for Halloween this year either (I haven’t even started!). Ah well, there’s always next year…

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