New Wave Quilt Top

I’m finding the crib-sized quilt to be a very rewarding size to make. It doesn’t take too much time or fabric, but you get a fun quilt out of it in the end. Sounds win win to me!

The New Wave quilt is coming together quickly and looks great with this brightly colored fabric. Of course with such a contrast between the print and the solid color, it would be particularly noticeable if the lines didn’t meet up perfectly, so I spent a good bit of time pinning each strip of blocks together (and they still look a little ‘off’, oh well!). I didn’t bother to pin the individual blocks together when I was sewing them into strips, since they were relatively short and easy to handle.

New Wave Picnik collage

After a sewed the first two strips together, I thought “uh oh…I don’t want to give this one away either…perhaps I could just send a card?”. LOL! Seriously though, I need to get a grip!

Today, I need to pick up some backing fabric and a quilt batt, so I can get this one sandwiched and finished.

I had intended to pick up the backing/batting yesterday, but I spent the majority of the day cooking, making Macaroni and Cheese, a Martha Stewart Recipe via Smitten Kitchen and Pumpkin Pie. Both were a hit! We all went back for seconds of both. I used Panko bread crumbs for the top of the mac and cheese, which was a really great addition.


2 thoughts on “New Wave Quilt Top

  1. I think your quilt looks great!! oh, that mac and cheese recipe!!! I will file this one away for when we get back from vacation. I would never be able to stop eating this. Now, back to the carrot sticks.

  2. Thanks Sherry! The mac and cheese is delicious! This is my favorite recipe yet! Definitely not easy on the hips, but soooo tasty!

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